Cultivate Communication

Coaching Program

Learn how to improve your interpersonal communication, align your team,

increase retention, and eliminate conflict for good.

What's Included

Individual DISC Assessment

DISC Assessment Debrief

Professional Development Plan

Individual Team DISC Reports

Group DISC Report

Group Report Debrief

Team DISC Training

8 one-on-one coaching sessions

Bonus: Hiring information

Are you facing...

Misaligned leadership that is impeding growth.

Conflicts keeping you from achieving important goals.

Challenges with hiring and getting the right person in the right role.

Challenges with retention are wasting time because you feel like you are constantly hiring.

Ongoing team conflict.

Wanting to grow as a leader.


Projects that drag on because of ineffective communication.

Frustration with your team.

Remember, employees leave cultures, not companies. You know that in order to be able to focus on your vision and become the leader you want to be, you need a team that you can trust to complete their roles with integrity. And, you need a team that stays because they feel valued and they want to be there.

Leadership starts with communication.


Communication Challenges

Communication problems will derail the best systems. The most important thing you can do is understand your personal leadership style. When you are aware of how you naturally lead, you can learn to tailor your message for your team.

Lack of Trust

When you don't trust your team, you find yourself micromanaging projects instead of focusing on your vision and leading the organization. You'll also face issues with team alignment and collaboration when communication issues are getting in the way.

Challenges with Retention

As we navigate "the great resignation," it's more important now than ever that employees feel valued. When you understand your team's communication styles, you can ensure that you have the right person in the right role, increasing job satisfaction and retention.

Imagine your team is facing a challenge. Susan in marketing has sent an email saying that she disagrees with a decision that was made at the last leadership meeting.

She expresses feelings that the meeting was disorganized and inefficient. Her tone is harsh and aggressive. Everyone on the team can feel the stress and discomfort coming from her email and dreading the next planning meeting where they will have to address the situation.

Each person responds differently.

Susan is frustrated and sees a need for structure.

Allen looks at it logically and has suggestions for how to improve the meetings.

Johnathan immediately starts looking for facts to support the decision.

Rachel looks at the situation calmly and feels that there must be a better solution for the upset team.

Everyone responds from a different perspective, and none of them are wrong. They just have different ways of communicating and responding to stressful situations.

Imagine what it would look like if you had the tools and understanding about your team to be able to stop these types of conflicts before they even happen.

What would it look like if you could keep distractions from derailing projects? How would it feel to hire team members and know from the start you have the right person in the right position?

Cultivate Communication will provide you with these tools and more. You'll develop your interpersonal skills, learn about your own communication style, and know exactly how each member of your team communicates.

You'll gain insight into your own communication, identify areas where you want to improve, and put communication strategies in place so you can strengthen your team communication going forward.




Cultivate Communication

In this coaching program, you'll learn to:

Understand your own communication style and identify areas where you want to improve.

Identify what is getting in the way of collaboration.

Develop a personalized professional development plan to improve your communication.

Foster loyalty and increase team retention.

Put communication strategies in place so that you improve your team's

communication going forward.

Analyze your team and make sure you have the right person in the right role.

Experience fewer misunderstandings and less frustration.

Create an environment where projects progress more smoothly.

Step into your role as a leader while teaching others on your team how they can lead as well.

What’s Included.

Month 01.

Know yourself & Grow Yourself

In month one, you will complete your personalized DISC assessment. Once you have completed your report, we will go over it in detail and use the results to develop your professional development plan. We will meet weekly during the first month to talk about your plan and any support you may need or challenges you are facing.


• Personalized DISC Report

• DISC Report Debrief

• Professional Development Plan

• Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

Month 02.

Know your Team & Grow your Team

In month two, you and I will meet twice to continue to work through your professional development plan. We will also administer DISC assessments to your team and generate a team report. This team report will give you a big picture of the types of communication you have on your team and opportunities for improvement. Once you and I have gone over the group report, I will conduct a DISC training for your team.


• Team DISC Assessments

• Team Group Report

• Team Debrief with you

• Team Training

• Bi-Montly 1:1 calls

Month 03.

Maximize your Team & Your Leadership

In month three, we will continue to work together one on one to address any challenges you are facing. We will continue to develop your interpersonal communication skills. This month will be tailored to your individual needs based on your professional development plan and your team report.


• Custom team needs analysis

• Communication strategies

• Bi-Monthly 1:1 calls


Are you ready to cultivate communication? Apply today!

Individual DISC Assessment

DISC Assessment Debrief

Professional Development Plan

Individual Team DISC Reports

Group DISC Report

Group Report Debrief

Team DISC Training

8 1:1 coaching sessions

Bonus: Hiring information

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